5 Niche Fragrance Brands You Need To Know About

4 January 2023 | By: FACES Team

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Niche perfumes are trending at the moment, and you’ve probably seen the term used by your favourite beauty stores across your social feeds. However, it’s not always easy to define exactly what a “niche” perfume is. Read on to learn what makes something niche, and the brands you need to know about.

So, What is Niche?

Niche refers to something that appeals to a specific small group of people. The perfume industry has embraced the word "niche" for several years now, making it a popular buzzword to describe specialized perfumers offering something new and different.

Then, Why Go Niche?

The vast amount of perfumes and brands available makes choosing the perfect scent incredibly challenging. Classic perfumes from well-known designer brands will always have a place in our collection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world of niche scent too. Here’s some top niche brands to try:

1. Kilian:

Kilian is the grandson of a long line of luxury cognac producers. He decided to take on the challenge of creating a new brand.

His family's home was in the heart of Cognac, and he studied at CELSA. Before he left, he wrote a thesis about the semantics of scent to find a language that would easily describe scents.

Today, many of Kilian's fragrances are inspired by childhood memories of his grandfather.

Here are the bestsellers:

2. Arcadia:

Ever since she was a young girl, Amna Al Habtor was fascinated by the scent of her mother's perfume. Inspired by the memories and emotions evoked by fragrance, she decided to create her own perfume collection to capture these moments. Her first scent was created for her wedding to forever remember how special the day was.

Discover where these scents might take you:

3. Maison Rebatchi:

Based in Paris, Rebatchi is a unique perfume house that was founded on the passion of its founder, Mohamed Rebatchi. Its free rein collection showcases the raw materials that inspired its creation.

Check out these fragrances:

4. Loewe:

Inspired by the Victorian era and botanical gardens, Loewe's fragrances combine some of the most appealing notes from the natural world. For almost five decades, the Spanish luxury brand has been crafting its signature perfumes and colognes. This selection of carefully curated products shows its time-honored and impeccable craftsmanship.

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5. Designer Shaik:

The Designer Shaik brand was founded in 2002 by Mohamed Al Asfoor. The goal of the brand is to create an emotional bridge between the West and the Orient by blending the practicality and style of the West with the romantic vision of the Orient. Its signature perfumes are made using the finest Arabic ingredients and reflect the image of Sheik.

Discover the fragrances here:

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