Oily Skin Survival Guide

4 January 2023 | By: FACES Team

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Ever noticed your face looking shiny even though you just washed it an hour ago? Does your skin feel greasy by midday when you wear makeup? If so, chances are you have an oily skin type. The good news is no more guesswork! We’re here to help you find the right products to get rid of unwanted shine and replace it with a healthy glow instead!

Use a Gentle Face Wash

Cleansing your skin twice a day, morning and evening, is highly recommended for all skin types, especially oily ones. Using a harsh, oil-stripping cleanser is tempting, but we recommend choosing a gentle formula that will leave your skin hydrated and comfortable. Apply your face wash to damp skin, rinse with warm water, and pat dry with a clean towel. 

Use a Light Moisturizer

This might sound counter-intuitive, but moisturizing your face is a must even for oily skin. Opt for an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comedogenic AKA non-pore-clogging. This helps your skin retain water, which will help control oil production. 

Prep and Prime

The first step in your makeup routine is to ensure your face is properly prepped and primed before applying foundation. A good shine-control primer will work as a base for makeup to keep your look matte and shine-free for longer.

Finish with Powder

Choosing the right powder is key to avoiding a caked-up makeup look. A lightweight loose powder is your go-to secret weapon for making your makeup look fresh and matte. You can either use a fluffy round brush or a powder puff to apply powder to your T-zone and cheeks.

Just a Few Steps Away From Healthy, Beautiful Skin

These six steps represent all the basic day-to-day care your skin needs to be at its best. Taking time to choose products ideally suited to your skin type will also result in a glowier, more youthful complexion. 

With FACES, you can find all the featured products above and more, including extra treats like masks and exfoliants to give your skin a helping hand.

Why not start the search for your ultimate routine now?  

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